Friday, August 27, 2010

Thus spake the prophet...

Another delightful blogger has written about my YouTube cover songs! The Prophet Blog gave me a glorious review, and I am extremely grateful. Check out the article here. He does claim that Khia's song is "generation defining". Hm. I guess we will have to see about that.

I do have some thoughts on the following section of the article:
Staying true to the original, Katelyn leaves the lyrical poetry 100% as it is, only censoring out the dreaded ‘N’ word since white folk ain’t allowed to say it.

When I set out to cover rap songs I think about staying true to the original song and turning it into something I find funny. It's not that I feel like I can't say the 'N' word because I am white, it's just that I don't think it is funny. Saying it doesn't add any element of humor to the cover, and not saying it doesn't leave the song empty or lacking in any way. In fact, no one before this blogger even noticed and mentioned it. So yeah, I'm not big on censorship, but I am big on funniness.

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