Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Baby Mando

Made for me by my dear friend Mike Gryka
Yeah, dude! I bought a mandolin, no joke. I awoke one morning with a musical wanderlust gnawing at my brain. Following the usual morning routine, I popped an allergy pill and a multivitamin and set in to dig through overnight emails. One thing led to another, and I began feverishly reading my Facebook news feed. Lo, what's this? A friend is selling their barely-used mandolin with built-in pickup and hard case for a reasonable price? Hmmm.... Done. It might've been an impulse buy, but it is so cute! I so far have only played giant, somber instruments: cello, bass, bass steel drums. This is by far the happiest, sweetest sounding instrument I have ever strummed. And it's tiny! Going on the bus? No problem. Flying home to Baltimore? Big whoop. This baby goes everywhere! The best part: I named him Mando Calrissian. Because I am a Star Wars nerd. And a general all-around-nerd.

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