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Our Cow Cover Song

The other night we were significantly inspired by a lovely song about cows and some very potent strawberry margaritas. Tequila is a magical substance with healing powers that increase creativity. Brynn's mom knows this, which is why she made about a gallon of her famous strawberry margarita blend. After we drank most of it, we watched this gem:

It was instantly apparent that we needed to create a cover song on the spot. Good thing there was a camera nearby! Here is our interpretation of this timeless classic:

Travel Light Tour: Day 3

Also we were featured on Kulak's Woodshed's weekly video of their best performers! Check us out at about 4:30.

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Wrapping Up Chi-Town

Peace out, Chicago!

My total days left in Chicago are whittling down to the single digits. Yeesh! This Sunday, Brynn and I will be leaving for Los Angeles and beginning our month long tour adventure. But before I run out, there will be two shows you where you can say bye! This Saturday I have two shows, both in the suburbs and both free. The first is a cute garden festival where Brynn Mawr and I will take the stage in the morning. The second is a raucous event with Machinegun Mojo! If you can't make it, don't worry. I am organizing a going away show during the last week of June that will be free and at Lizard's Liquid Lounge. But until then, here is the other info:

West Chicago, IL
Saturday, May 21, 10am

PJs Tavern
Deerfield, IL
Saturday, May 21, 8pm

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tour Campain Success! You Guys Rock!

By Eric Bird
Our fundraising campaign for the Travel Light tour ended successfully thanks to your awesomeness! We hit our monetary goal for all that gas and fast food we need to drive across this big ol' country. You all made it possible! As promised, a special thank you goes out to our Best Friend contributors who generously gave $100 or more:

  • Jeremy Haywood
  • Tom Roper
  • Kevin McWethy
  • Myra McWethy
  • Susan Cohen
You guys are the best. We can't wait to send all of our contributors new CDs and stickers! Another shout out goes to Eric Bird who designed our beautiful tour posters. It just really captures the spirit of our sound and this specific tour. We'll see you guys out on the road; we're heading out May 22nd!