Friday, July 29, 2011

It's shit like this...

For real? WHAT? Ugh.
I've been in Dublin for two weeks now and am really having a fantastic time. Exploring on my own, figuring out the bus system, and enjoying pints of Guinness. I've met a lot of people and naturally they all ask what I'm doing here. When I say that I am starting a Master's program in Sexuality Studies they usually have an uncomfortable laugh, make some joke about fun homework assignments and whatnot. I get it; it is an unusual undertaking, especially in Ireland. But, I'm not some giggling, Sex-&-the-City-watching tart. The world of human sexuality is filled with dangerous misconceptions, inhibitions, prejudices, and flat out lies. A lot of people are still in the Dark Ages and want their children to grow up the same. See that headline?? I'm doing this because of people like that; so-called experts who freely spout their crap and the readers who believe it. And for the 13 year-old gay kids being harassed to their breaking point by cruel bullies. And for anyone who has ever been made to feel like a weirdo when it comes to his or her sexuality. Get over yourself and your fears. Because kids deserve better. Everyone does. Ok, I'm done.

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