Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Might Be Here

According to the calendar, summer is here. But you wouldn't know it. I'm celebrating my first full year of living in Dublin this week in the low-50s drizzle that is an Irish summer. It's been a pretty wild year living in a different country. Here's some stuff that happened, bullet-ed for your reading pleasure:

  • Started grad school and passed all my classes!
  • Traveled everywhere we could: Marrakesh, Berlin, Amsterdam, Malaga, Krakow, Munich, Manchester, there are probably more that I can't remember. Seeing and learning new things makes me really happy. 
  • Oh, yeah, we also went all around Ireland: down to the ring of Kerry, up to Giant's Causeway, over to Donegal, pretty much everywhere. And it rained in all those places too.
  • Began my dissertation to complete my MA in Sexuality Studies. I'm researching drag queens in Ireland, which has been like a dream topic for me. So far I have met some fantastic people, interviewed them for their deepest darkest drag secrets, and watched a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race. It has been so much fun! However, now I have to write the damn paper which is not as fun. 
  • I learned kind of what it's like to be an immigrant, and I have gained the most respect for people who decide to move far from home. For me it hasn't been all that drastic; I'm still in an English speaking country and I can talk to my friends and family back home whenever I want. Yet it still has not been an easy transition. So huge, huge props to the people who move to a place with  a new language, no connections to home, and an uncertain future. You guys are brave and have to take a lot of shit sometimes.
  • We had visitors! My mom, dad, and sister came over at Easter time and it was great fun! We took them all over and my sister and I made fun of everyone and everything like the good old days. Also one of my best friends Stefani came over with her boyfriend. We tried delicious beers, hunted for Bono, and witnessed the insanity of a Dublin St. Paddy's Day!
  • I played some songs! My school had a student open mic that I went to when I could and I also did some open mics in city centre. My school's Music Soc asked me to be on their charity compilation and of course I obliged. My cover of MGMT's Electric Feel went on the album and they apparently sold a few hundred of them which is awesome!
  • The food here kicks ass. Shit is fresh! And really flavorful. I absolutely love the veggies here and the lack of corn syrup/preservatives/trans-fats. Ireland has the best dairy I have ever tasted in my life. Butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese -- it is all incredible. 
  • Picked up a few Irish sayings like: taking the piss, craic, it'll all be grand, gone tits up, your man there, fair play to ye, having a barney and more!
  • I learned how to drink! Just kidding. I'm still a complete lightweight.
  • Found out that some stereotypes are true. You Irish can really put those pints down. God damn!
  • Discovered that I love living with my boyfriend, Tom. We make a good team. We also have made quite a comfy home together. 
That's all I got for now! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yeah, so I made this

Finally got my act together and made a Soundcloud page to post new stuff. Check out my new and nicer recording of Crumble, my acoustic cover of a Sage Francis rap. Word on the street is that Sage might post it on his website. We'll see. :)
 Check it out here!