Monday, October 18, 2010

Missing Details

I cannot stand missing details. I need to know everything. As a baby, I would hold my eyelids open at bedtime, claiming not to be sleepy at all. My head would be nodding off, but I continued to insist that it was not time for bed. The thought of my parents staying awake and doing things without me was unbearable. It's still kind of the same; I never want to miss anything.

This year has been full of travel all over the world, from Western Europe to the Middle East. Actually, it has been a full year since I was in Israel, which is already unbelievable. Through these trips my focus has been taking in as much as possible and turning it into awesome things like songs and wisdom. But for me, the most frustrating thing about traveling to these foreign countries is not being able to understand the languages. I am missing everything: all of the tiny details, participation, the full experience of each location. Grrr. Yes, yes. Everyone speaks English now, it's true. But there are so many things lost in the expression of ideas and feelings across languages. Everyone buzzes about around me, and I want to understand all of it. Hmph!