• Katelyn and her dynamic female vocals blew this reviewer away with her presence... she perfectly complimented [sic] the vibe and feel of this band adding some sultry heat... SouthSide hopes to see and hear more of her at future performances.                                                - Tanya Vega of SouthSide On The Town
  • "Katelyn sings every raunchy word of Khia’s song over an acoustic guitar. It sounds sweet as a lullaby until you understand what she’s saying. Katelyn has a knack for covering raunchy rap lyrics."
    - Kendrick Daye of Art Nouveau Magazine

  • "Katelyn’s stunning cover of the raunchy Ludacris hit 'What’s Your Fantasy'... is sexier than the original!"
    - Jacques Peterson of The Prophet Blog

  • "Now this is a rendition I can get behind. Katelyn Cohen channeled her inner Sophie B. Hawkins as she took the very vulgar 'My Neck, My Back'... and gave it a coffee house makeover. Now this is a song that should be strummed in front of an audience in coffee houses everywhere."
    - Kris Avalon of Kris Avalon's Entertainment Blog

  • "Katelyn has an amazing voice (check out her other vids, they will not disappoint) that takes even the filthiest of lyrics and makes them cute. Normally when people do acoustic covers on Youtube, I'll watch it but it wont impress me. There is just something about Katelyn, she’s really chill and down to earth and has a really nice raw sound about her."
    - Glen Yamashita of