Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live from the Gold Coast

Oh, pardon. I did not see you there over my venti latte. I'm a Gold Coast lady now, so you see, I am important. My days consist of long phone calls at Starbucks, spa mani/pedis, getting needlessly pissy at waiters, and quick stops at Bloomingdale's on the way home.

I moved into my boyfriend's condo last week, officially becoming the kept woman I always knew I could be. Closet space galore? You bet. Windows that face something other than adjacent brick walls? Uh huh. No strange smells from past water damage? I'm living the dream.

And you can live it too! For five easy payments of $39.99, I will show you how to win the man (and apartment) of your dreams! Some of my patented and intensive courses include: Mastering The Long & Difficult Starbucks Drink Order, Closing The Disturbing Age Gap, I'm Totally Cool: How To Trick A Man Into Letting You Move Into His Really Nice Place, and The Foreign Traveler: Live In A Guy's Place Without Having To Live With Him (Because He's In Ireland). Join me. Don't waste another day.

*Please make all checks payable to Katelyn Cohen. Also, I may have been drunk when writing this and thought it was hilarious at the time, but will realize later that I am not funny. 

SXSW 4 me, plz

Gotta a big ol' gig tomorrow night at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago. The Machinegun Mojo boys and I will be duking it out against other Chicago bands for a slot at SXSW this March. We are so excited for the opportunity and have been practicing up a storm. Literally. We caused the snow that fell today. BAM, you're welcome! In all seriousness, we are pumped to play and looking forward to winning and road tripping it down to Austin, Texas. We play early and only for a half hour, so swing on by if you can and then go party.

Reggie's Rock Club
2109 S State St
8:00pm, $8 cover

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. 2011 promises to be quite a winner, and I am so excited about it. Not really fond of resolutions, but there are definitely things I want to do better this year when it comes to my music and corresponding online presences. For instance, getting my mailing list up and running once and for all. The messages will be periodic updates whenever I have an important show or release new music. If you haven't already, please sign up!

In other news: I am officially moving to Dublin, Ireland for a year. Yup. I got into a terrific MA program in Sexuality Studies at Dublin City University. Can't wait to spread the dirty rapz through all of academia. Best. Thesis. Ever. But seriously, I hope to do counseling in the future for the LGBT community and couples in addition to my music.
So, this means lots of change coming up very, very soon. And who knows what my year abroad will be like. I expect lots of travel, homework, new friends, and new places to share my music. But, I am trying very hard not to build up too many expectations. Exciting!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A shout out from Khia herself!

Unreal! Khia, whose song "My Neck, My Back" I cover regularly, found my video on YouTube and blogged it! This is so cool and such a great surprise. Check out her post here.

Ooh, this is exciting! Khia has blogged a few other videos of people covering her songs, and I think it is so neat of her to recognize her fans. Work!